Monday, September 27, 2010

Man with a Plan

Cole has his plan for the future in Ohio.

Just gotta get through high school and he's outta here...

Shot with a 7D & 24-105 at 32mm, f4, 1/320th, iso 100, lit by the bright blue sky overhead on the north side of this old building.

Park Senior

Jaclyn is so looking forward to finishing her senior year.

So, we wander through Whatcom Falls park, with her family trailing along, to make some pictures in some of her favorite places - anywhere near water, including this bridge.

Shot with a 7D & 70-200 at f5.6, 1/125th, iso 400, lit using the filtered sunlight and a single 580EX in a softbox camera right.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Get'in Hitched

Next month, actually.

These two will be starting a life together so we went out to shoot a few engagement photos.

Shot with a 7D & 24-105 at 45mm, 1/80th, f5.6, iso 100, lit from the clouds with a little help from a 580EX on a stand just out of frame on the right.