Sunday, January 23, 2011

Next Big Thing

Now that the little one worked (and served it's purpose) it's onto building a bigger one...

Shot with a 7D & 85mm with a little fill off the ceiling from an on camera 580 flash.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rare Air

Yesterday was one of those rare days in the winter where the weather aligns with 7 different calendars. While my daughter spent a little time in her favorite bookstore, her parents, grandparents, and aunt & uncle got an afternoon out walking at American Camp.

What a gift a day can be...

Top photo shot with 7D & 12-24 @ 17mm, f8, 1/125th, iso 200.
Lower photo shot with 7D & 70-200 @ 170mm, f6.3, 1/500, iso 400.

They Live!

Ok. The paperwhites bloomed.

Creeps me out. I won't be putting plants near the head of my bed anytime soon.

This is three days, 270 photos, reduced to 9 seconds.

30D, 30mm Sigma at f11, iso 400, 125th, lit with a single AB800.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Watch this Space

This Paperwhite flower, in the window, is being watched right now. I set up my 30D on a tripod with an interval timer snapping a picture every 15 minutes.

We'll see if it moves.

I'm hoping this project won't keep us awake. And hey, is there such a thing as a 'Paperblack'?

Each frame is 1/125th, f8, iso 400, lit by an AB800 with 20 degree grid.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

'Lil Aroma

Poking around the kitchen tonight I sensed a sweetness in the air I didn't recognize as being part of the dinner was cleaning up.

Seems it came from these little tiny flowers coloring a corner of the counter top.

So, I got in close to see who the producer was...

Shot with a 7D & 50mm 1.4 on a 25mm extension tube, 1/80th, f5, iso 400, lit with a little LED desk lamp from Ikea.

Here's the setup shot, below

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Clutter of Life

We're pretty good at generating it, you & I.

The flotsam and detritus hints we drop that we've been through here too. Bits of metal & shards of wood, or scrap of cloth & paper clipping. Books we haven't read yet but mean to. Gadgets that overflow the camera bag and the tins of cookies that haven't been delivered yet.

Somehow, all by itself it seems, somehow it merges together into the evidence that you & me somehow became us.

Could some archaeologist separate it into it's component pieces? Or, has a little bit of you become me that can no longer be untangled? Would the untangling leave the two empty and no longer whole?

To the woman who married me: twist us like a pretzel, I want the untangling to be impossible.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Time to Build

It's another New Year!

Welcome to 2011 and the chance to try something new, make new friends, grow with old friends, and re-ignite passions. (And the days are getting longer again too)

So here's my resolution: I'm gonna make something this year. And then, I'm gonna go out and crash it a few times...

Shot with a 7D & 25mm Contax at f2.8, 1/40th, iso 500.