Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gear Lust

Every now and then I need a konk on the head reminder that "it's not about the gear, stupid". Chase Jarvis is that reminder today with his little book of iPhone photos. No aperture or shutter speed settings. No lens changes. A handful of pixels.

Instead, it's about seeing the world, and capturing little slivers of it, one snap at a time. And if you don't get it, make another one. And another. 10,001 of them if need be.

As Dory said in "Finding Nemo"*: just keep shooting, just keep shooting...

Shot with a 7D & 85mm at f2, 1/60th, iso 2000, under the family room mood lighting.
* At least, that's what I heard when I saw the movie.

1 comment:

  1. Chase's book is sitting on my coffee table in my family room as we speak. I went to a NAPP workshop with to of my photog buddies and we were talking about that book as well. The images are very low rex but the premise of shooting hit home.
    So, I think you should invest in an iPhone and gift me your 7D ;)