Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anybody bring a Camera?

So I'm at an informal meeting with my photographer buddies when somebody noticed the sunset happening outside the window.

Did any of us have our camera bags? Did any of the camera bags have the full kit?


One of us had a Canon camera.

One of us had a Nikon flash.

News flash: in manual mode a Nikon SB-800 will work just fine on a Canon 30D.

Shot with a 30D & 24-105 at 24mm, f8, 1/80th, iso 200, full power flash, fired with the built-in timer.


  1. Love the cheers and the lighting..

    SB-800 coupled with an EOS? Manual mode?
    What about the aperture priority mode? Have you tried it vice versa (Nikon camera + EX series speedlite)?


  2. We didn't have any reason to experiment further at the time. And we each have a full kit, either Nikon/Nikon or Canon/Canon so it's unlikely we'll need to "cross polinate" again.

    'Coarse, it might be fun to find out...

  3. how funny....
    and that sunset is fantastic!

  4. That is a good looking bald man in the front:-).