Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Business End

Here's where it all starts - where the light enters the camera and gets focused and throttled on it's way to the sensor, or film.

One day, before my wife's Dad passed away, I got this package in the mail. Seems he'd purchased two Nikkormat FT-N cameras with lenses in the mid 60s. Had them in the back of the closet for a few years, when he learned I was messing about with picture taking.

So he sent me one. It came in a leather case with three lenses. The one shot here, with a large 1.2 aperture, is a 55mm focal length. We won't be letting go of this treasure for sure.

The depth of field on this puppy is thin...

Shot with 30D & 85mm 1.8 on 36mm extension tube at f4, 1/25th, iso 800, handheld while I turned blue holding my breath.

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