Monday, August 24, 2009


A new baby has arrived.

Every waking moment of my life BC* was consumed by model helicopters. I'd wake up and fall asleep thinking about 'em. When I wasn't out flying one, I was wrenching on it or a stable mate. For quite a while I flew cameras around for low-level aerial photos. Then, I built bigger machines that carried 35mm movie cameras to do television commercials, music videos & movies.

Well, now I've caught a new case of obsession and it's time to loosen up the rusty reflexes. I was told it'd be like riding a bike - but it's been a decade since and I'm a little nervous.

Maybe I'm just giddy...

Shot with 40D & 85mm @ f2, 1/250th, iso 400, on the bench under the CFL work light.

*BC - before children

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  1. Looks like fun - I'm sure you will pick it up again soon.