Wednesday, December 9, 2009

21st Century Battleship

It's not the game it was a century ago.


Now you have to know stuff. Like how to hack your opponents laptop, or find a wormhole.

And, it's played for keepsies...

Shot with a 7D & 30mm f1.4 at f2, 1/2 second, iso 100, with a single 430EX overhead in a softbox. Blew up 3 laptops in the process.


  1. I love the shot....what are you doing with the fruit computer? You switching sides ;)

  2. Awesome photo Eric! I love it! Lance, the Apple computer is winning - he's about to blow up his old Windoze machine!

  3. haven't left the evil empire entirely - the fruit box boots both mac os and windoze xp.