Sunday, December 6, 2009


My sweetie does her own creative thing. Often times with little scraps of paper and a bit of glue.

This time it gets it's own museum mounting and special lighting too.

Shot with a 30D & 50mm 1.4 at f4, 1/10th, iso 100, lit with a single 430EX w/grid and seasoned with the remaining tungsten dining room bulb.


  1. Very nice poster and a nice shot of the day as well. I see you shot this one iwth a many bodies are your playing with these days? 3??

  2. I'm Busted.

    I have a 20D, 30D, 40D & 7D. I should put the 20 & 30 up for sale, but they don't have much value any more so I keep them around for HS kids to play with.

  3. Nice warm tones on this one. I like the "spotlight" effect of the gridded flash. Tell your sweetie she does nice work!