Saturday, July 18, 2009

I participated in the Worldwide Photowalk today that my brother organized on the Island of San Juan.

The light was a little harsh, but we're learning to deal with that, aren't we? Besides, who in the right mind would complain about a beautiful day outside, no matter what the excuse.

We wandered for a couple of hours, and then remembered (too late) that we wanted a group photo. Too late, because three of the walkers had already hopped on the ferry to Orcas. Shucks.

Anyway, we each took turns at shooting the remainder of the group in the polish of this restored taxi.

Shot with a 5D & 70-200 at 200mm, f9, 1/100th, under the big 'ole hot light in the sky.


  1. I like this Eric - the Photowalk looks like a great idea.

  2. I like the reflection, is that Jan standing next to you? I wish I culd have joined you but someone had to go to Hawaii :(

  3. Not Jan, the other walkers. Tim on the right, me in the middle, and Ruth on the left. Woulda been great to organize a walk in Hawaii. Why didn't you invite us? ;)