Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cajun Style

The theme this weekend is 'Traditions' - thanks Tim.

Why do we have traditions? I'll tell you. I don't know - ask Tevye.

One of our re-occuring activities is to have dad burn something for dinner out on the grill. I say 'something' because very often no one can recognize what it is in it's ready-to-eat form.

Five times out of ten, we'll generously call it 'blackened' - like we meant to do it Cajun Style. Other times it'll have this mysterious coating of white powder that diminishes the flavor some, but leaves the house intact...

Shot with 17-35 at 35mm, f8, 1/250th, iso 100, with one AB800 in a softbox right over the camera set to 1/4, and two speedlights either side of the uh, 'Chef', for rim light - set to 1/4 power.


  1. Great shot! Nice idea and lighting!

  2. LOL that's funny! We had "blackened" corn on the cob at our barbeque yesterday. Ooops! Nice shot. I like the lighting and the smoke is cool.

  3. Great shot - I can almost smell the smoke.