Monday, July 6, 2009

Uncle Bob

So there I was, the hired gun, prepared to shoot the first kiss and as the minister said the words "you may now kiss..." Uncle Bob stepped into the aisle with his Coolpix.

It's a good thing the 'gun' in my hand only shoots photos...

Shot with 50mm 1.4 at f2, 1/125th, iso 100, using two 430EX flashes driven by a 580EX on camera in the automagical E-TTL mode with groups A & B and ratios and FEC too. One 430 in a grid spot for the Bride & Groom and one 430 bounced off the ceiling. Still trying to figure out flash that is not in manual mode.


  1. I hope the minister was ok with all your flashes!! Great picture.

  2. Hah!

    No one batted an eye. In fact, none of these characters moved unless I moved them. ;)

  3. LOL great story and shot! Is this a re-enactment of a real event or you simply having fun with your daily photo?

  4. I've had similar things happen, but so far (knocks on wooden head) the 'Uncle Bob' getting in the way of the kiss shot has only been a worry and not yet a reality for me. A number of my friends have had it happen though - one had to ask for the B&G to kiss again.