Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dues Day

Today we get to buy into civilization. And here I am gladly opening my wallet to do so.

Why is it that so many of us curse this day? Why is it we're willing to pay dues to the country club, but not to our communities? Why is it we feel good about paying for a membership card to a warehouse retail chain, but not to support our nations infrastructure?

Had I been born in Somalia or Ethiopia the opportunities I have enjoyed would not have been available to me. My parents and grandparents paid into a system that gave me an education, and a stable environment to make use of it.

I'm happy to pay my taxes dues today. I'll vote for people that see education as more important than the military. I'll support politicians who work hard for health care for everyone. And, I'll let them know that I'll happily pay more dues to fund those things that matter to my community.

Shot with 50mm at f1.6, 1/160th, iso 400 under the dinning room lights.


  1. Yes, a wise man once said something like: "I enjoy paying taxes; I use them to buy civilization". Nice shot, and nicely said!