Thursday, April 16, 2009


I had a apif, efip, uh, epiph, idea today.

It was a little out of reach and I couldn't quite get my head around it. We ended up laughing about the light bulb buzzing on and off over my head. In our conversation, it was making a noise like a fly zapper - ffzzzt, buzzz, zzziittt.

You can make the noises that you think sound best...

Shot with 85mm 1.8 at f4, 1/100th, iso 100 with AB800 overhead in a soft box and me trying not to touch the electrically charged light bulb.

Setup shot here


  1. Interesting idea - I'd never of thought of using an animated GIF. Love the set up but it should have the 'Do not try this at home' warning ;-)

  2. Very creative. I love Bellingham! I wish I was there...

  3. Ha! I love it! This is great! Did you photoshop the bulb in? Or do you have a geeky hat thing with a bulb on it? Great idea!

  4. It's a real bulb - running on 110. I took one photo with it on and me in the frame, a second shot with the light unplugged, and merged the two with Photoshop elements. I created around 10 layers, most with the light off and some with it on - then used the "make animated gif" feature.

    Oh, and yeah, Bellingham is great - and today the sun came out - it was glorious!

  5. animated gif in PS or on the blog?

  6. I used PS to make the gif. But, I've found that it can't be posted on the blog directly as it loses the animation somehow. So, I post the photo somewhere else (my domain) and link to it.