Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Story Time

I love bedtime stories.

I remember hanging on every word my Dad or Mom would read to my brother & I at bedtime. It didn't happen every night, nor even every week, but when it was reading night I wouldn't miss it for the world. To disappear into an imaginary place with adventures and laughter was a definite highlight in my life.

So tonight, my youngest & I spent a little time of our own recreating that memory.

Shot with 12-24 zoom at 12mm, f8, 1/200th, iso 100 using a 430EX on a stand to throw the shadow and another 430EX in the book.


  1. this is a great fun photo.

  2. great picture - love the lighting especially the lamp and the shadow!

  3. E-
    Your best idea/shot of the year!!!! I love your expression, daughter looking scared (hold me daddy) and the shadow rocks!!!!
    Tell us more about the setup and lens/camera?
    How did you not get raccoon eyes with the flash from the book? do you recall the power on your flashes? No distortion with a 12mm? did you crop or fix in post? or was this full frame 12mm? Although full frame would be even more distorted. I am not sure of the cannon side of bodies so if you give me your camera body model I guess I could look it up and see if it'f full frame or 1.5 /1.6? I think cannon is 1.6 right?

  4. Oh, and I agree with Alen, I love the lit lamp in the background...a very engaging shot for sure boss.

  5. Whoa - thanks!

    I shot a few to get the flash output set, a few more to play with the shadow, and two with Alyssa there with me.

    The final is two images blended in Photoshop Elements 6 - one with the shadow of me with a dishtowel over my arm (I don't have a robe) and the other with Alyssa & I.

    I used a Canon 30D with the 12-24mm set at 12. Yes, it's a 1.6 crop body (would LOVE a full frame 5D - someday)

    The flash in the book is aimed from my lap up into the pages so a lot of it is splashing on the ceiling out of frame.

    I think there must be some distortion, the camera is only about a foot from the book and we look a lot further from the wall than we are.

    The only post is a curves adjustment in Canon 'Digital Photo Professional' and the layering in Photoshop

  6. Forgot to mention, the flash in the book is set to 1/32 and the one on the stand throwing the shadow is 1/8th. Oh and, there's gotta be some distortion, my bicep looks bigger in real life ;)

  7. Yeah that's totally a wimpy bicep there. Must be the lens. Love this shot! I thought the shadow was from a Jesus figurine or something. Impressive! And yeah, cool that you got the lamp illuminated too. Sweet!