Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fresh Outa' Idears

I'm in need of some photos ideas that can be had for a click. You know, simple snaps that are not too big of a production. Something that can be captured in a blink and let me go back to my crazily overloaded daily life.

Can't think of any right now. Maybe I should peruse some flickr streams and see what creative people are doing.

Maybe my schedule is booked a little too tight...

Shot with 30mm at 1.4, 1/80th, iso 200, lit by the bedside lamp and the glow of the monitor.


  1. Here are some subject ideas for you: Time-lapse, macro, high-altitude, the moon and birds.

    I look forward to your submissions :-)

  2. I know the feeling Eric - it's not getting any easier.

  3. Well you did pretty good for being out of ideas. Nice angle on this.