Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pin Hole

Photography sans lens.

That's what pinhole photography is all about.
A teeny little hole in a lens cap and leave the shutter open for a l o n g time.

I remember my dad coming home with a photo of the newsroom he'd shot using a round metal film container with a tiny hole in it. He'd dropped a short length of film into the one side and put the cap back on. Then while everyone was engrossed in their work, he walked in, set the 'camera' on a shelf, and walked out.
Some time later, he wandered back in and taped over the pinhole, disappeared into the darkroom and produced some prints. The funny thing was, there were no people in the picture - they'd all been moving for the duration of the exposure and didn't register long enough in any one place to form an image.


So, I had to try it. I have an extra body cap from that 20D that went swimming that I drilled a small hole in. After taping a piece of aluminum (al-you-minee-um) foil over the opening, I poked it with a small sewing needle.

Shot with 40D & body cap, 15 seconds, iso 400, lit by the room lights.

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  1. fun experiment. Now I am off to ebay to buy that doz pack of lens caps for just under a million....