Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All Played Out

Now and then I feel like a nap, though I may not look like it, it's true. There was a time when I would come home from work and just lay flat on the floor for 20 minutes or so and wake up feeling great. Now when I try to do that I end up with a warm sloppy tongue on the cheek, so I quit.

Here's our dog Sheba (PITA for short) stretched out just like I used to do after a busy day. So rather than be envious, I thought I'd get down on her level and capture the moment.

Oh, and no sloppy wet tongues were involved...

Shot at 150mm, 1/10th, f2.8, iso 400 lit by the overhead room lights.


  1. I like the camera angle. Oh and what's that... did she chew something to pieces?

  2. If it was a boy, would you have named him Heba?

  3. No. Probably name him PITA in all caps...