Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Fleeting the Flake

I looked up briefly from my work and saw that it is snowing again.

In many of my attempts to take a photo of snowfall, the results are less than interesting. Let's just say that I seem to be getting dandruff in my pictures, something a 'normal' person might spend time trying to erradicate from the image.

This time I thought I'd try to catch one in the act of being a flake. So I set the camera on a slow shutter speed and tried to follow one after the other to the ground. I learned that they're jumpy little fellows, jostling and bumping on their headlong journey to destruction on the ground where the temperature is much too warm to sustain them.

I think the result is as close to a painting as I'm like to produce (as long as I continue to avoid the brush).

Shot with a 50mm lens, 1/20th, f11, iso 400.

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome! Looks like an impressionist painting! Really cool! And neat that you moved with the flakes. All my snow pictures, the snow is blurred stripes against a still background. You pulled the old switcheroo... really cool!