Monday, February 23, 2009

Footbridge to Lower BP

Sounds like a magical place, doesn't it? On a beautiful spring morning I crossed the footbridge from Upper Benson Prairie to Lower Benson Prairie.

It's not a place, however, it's a condition. As in: Lower Blood Pressure.

My day job has me sitting on me arse all day long. The only body parts getting exercise are my fingers as I type away on my keyboard. Add in to the mix that my job can put a bit of stress on the day, and it's a recipe for high blood pressure.

One of the ways to help stay off corrective medications is to get out and walk. So, that's where my heart lead me today, out onto an old railroad grade that has morphed into a walking/biking trail.

Shot at 200mm, 1/125th, f5.6, iso 100.


  1. Beautiful shot! And a good prescription too... I log a few hours myself in the same way. Good to get out and move once in a while. Where is this trail?

  2. I love the shot and it looks like a great place to get that lower BP! Most of us should do it more. Good for you, keep up the great work.