Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chord Strike

After stumbling onto Zack Arias again, and watching this flick, I was a little numb. I mean, I've seen some neat stuff from the guy right? He shares what he knows, his One Light courses are well received and he seems to be making a go of it.

But his video brought to the surface something I hadn't yet put my finger on.

Before photography, I was deep into model helicopters. The kind that require all your attention to build, maintain & fly. In the summer I rarely missed a day of flying - burning gallon after gallon trying to improve what I could do with them.

Too soon winter would arrive and with it weather that was not supportive of my interest. Come February I'd be ready to quit my job, move south and live in my van until I could re-establish. A good friend suggested I needed a winter sport, like skiing, to take the edge off.

Then I got into photography and I thought maybe that'll change. Hey, one can make a picture anytime, right? The nastier the weather, the better the mood. Or so I thought.

Zack's video pointed out that maybe I've not changed after all. Maybe I need to be a snowbird and migrate. Maybe I am moody.

Today's pic is there to remind me that I'm not yet food for worms. Hopefully, I'll hold off on pushing daisies for just a little longer.

Spring is supposed to be just around the corner...

Shot at 17mm, 1/250th, f5.6, iso 100, bare 580EX on a stand lighting the crosses.

1 comment:

  1. I like the camera angle - By looking up at the crosses, it says death is powerful and will not be defeated. That the image is rotated off horizontal says death can catch you off balance when you least expect it. Somber tone from the greyness. A powerful image.