Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Toy

Jan got a new toy today. The school district that provides her employment supplied a new digital camera to a number of classrooms including hers. It seems she'd passed the technology quiz and qualified to get some equipment upgrades. So she brought the new gadget home to get the feel of it and charge the batteries. We've already filled the puny little 32mb SD card that came with it. Remember when 32mb in a postage stamp was mind-boggling?

Dave Barry once commented on how cars were getting bigger and cell phones shrinking down to the size of a Chicklet chewing gum. This camera is about that size, being smaller than the battery charger that came in the same box.

By the way, she's next in line to get an interactive white board...

Shot at 17mm, 1/20th, f8, iso 400 with a little fill light from the AB800 in a softbox.

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  1. way to to Mrs. D!!!!! We like classrooms that add visuals to the curriculum!!!!

    and nice link ;)

    E- Nice depth of field.