Sunday, March 8, 2009


It was my turn to provide the theme this Sunday and I chose "Alone".

I don't (yet) know what it's like to be without a home. I do remember what it's like to wonder how the bills are going to get paid, and if there'll be enough left over for food at the end of the month. I am aware of how isolated we can be from each other in the same room, or even an elevator. I remember middle school and high school and how it felt to be left out. I can imagine what it might be like to be down and out and have the world pass me by without a glance.

Even so, I have no real concept of what it must be like to be on the street and I doubt this collage even gets close...

Shot multiple images at 17mm, 1/5th sec, f11, iso 1600 - sitting on the cold, hard pavement.


  1. Wow what a creative image! I'm curious as to how you did this? And wondering what all is in the foreground there. I like that the passersby are blurred - that really helps hold the "alone" theme, as you can't see their faces - they're mere ghosts and there's no connection between them and the viewer (or the person on the sidewalk). Nice work!

  2. Fascinating shot very nicely executed. I find my eye being drawn all around the image.

  3. Is that 17mm full frame? A lot of time and thought put into this shot, you get extra bonus points awarded for this, I give you 1000 extra points for effort.

  4. Thanks all. The idea has been festering for a while, I just finally got out there to try it. I think I'll circle 'round to it again, as it's not quite what I imagined.

    This was shot with my 30D and a 17-35 Tamron. I leaned against a Manfrotto tripod with a rotatable center column placed over my shoulder and left the ballhead a little loose so I could pan & tilt the camera to many positions. I probably shot about 50 frames like that.

    You can see my beard in the far left...