Friday, March 13, 2009

Caught in the Act!

I figured out how to use my wireless flash trigger to click the camera shutter. Being a geek, that's cool all by itself. Thinking about how to make use of this capability was a little more challenging. The only willing subjects I could turn up were me, myself, and I. That, and nobody else was stirring in our household anyway.

Shot at 20mm, 1/200th, f8, iso 200 - Alien Bee 800 camera right at 1/4 power with 20 degree grid and 430EX on camera left at 1/16th


  1. Looks like you are practicing motion to me ;)
    Nice shot, my camer will not pick up an off camera device if I set my SS any faster than 1/160. Is there a trick in your bag that allows you to do this? My flash will not fire if I set any faster than 1/160.

  2. Huh, I don't know. My cameras (20D - 30D - 40D) will all fire the flash all the way up to at least 1/1000th, though the shutter covers more and more of the frame as it goes above 1/250th.

    I set the camera on Manual - if there is a dedicated flash on the hotshoe, then I don't think I can set it above 1/250th.

  3. Oh this is hilarious! I almost did the same thing tonight! Nice form btw...