Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The New Fore!

I happened upon a few intrepid souls out taking advantage of the weather today playing Frisbee Golf. I didn't hear the word fore being hollered, though I suspect some other warning might have been in the offing had I wandered blindly across the coarse.

I think I'm gonna hafta try this game...

Shot with a 70-200 zoom at 165mm, 1/60th, f4, iso 400, in the shade. Aren't Image Stabilized lenses grand?


  1. Eric,
    focus is great. at f4 and get the basket and the frisbee in focus is pretty good. THey must have been closer together than it appears?

  2. I like the OOF background too! Really cool! And nice comp, catching the 3 different elements, Player, Frisbee and Goal.

  3. The player was about 50 feet from the far side, and I about 40 feet on this side.

  4. Fantastic shot. I've never seen this game before, looks fun.