Thursday, March 26, 2009

Over the Hill

Over the Hill?!

Ok, I turned 50 on the 24th. Many people helped me celebrate - thank you all so much. When I got home my kids had arranged all these ducks for me - reminiscent of Tim's post.

Interesting that the first time I failed to post my daily photo happens to be the day "over the hill" from my 50th birthday.

Sigh, it was gonna happen eventually I guess...

Shot at 18mm, f8, 1/60th, iso 100 - 580EX on camera with stofen, two 430EX flashes in the frame.


  1. Well you know, they say the mind is the first thing to go...

  2. nice touch by the girls....
    Not sure what deal you made with yourself on a picture a day....mine is "I will take a picture a day, post the "said" picture on that day or as soon as I can get to an internet connection. I might not post the day I take it, but the goal is to take the shot. Meta data and exif will keep me in check. I don't always have access to the interent from time to time.

  3. Good point Lance. I like that thinking. I know there's gonna be a weekend coming up here when I won't have access to internet, but I'll be shooting photos.