Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sinister Moon

As lovely as it can be, tonight's moon was more than a little ominous. I was in the middle of the city when I spotted it. Had I been alone on a walk through the park, I think I might've quickend my step just a wee bit.

Shot at 200mm, f2.8, 1/25th sec, iso 400 - handheld.


  1. Very, very cool. I love those inky black clouds swirling around like that. And great exposure on the moon too! The shots I attempted tonight it was totally blown out. *Tim makes note of Eric's shutter speed and aperture* Awesome photo!

  2. Nice to capture the cloud cover. My attempts all managed to miss that - what did you focus on Eric?

  3. Thanks for the interest guys.

    Tim, the exposure is the starting point, but I also amped the saturation in Photoshop, and used the burn tool on the moon to boost the contrast there.

    Alan, I put the center focus point directly on the moon and then recomposed.