Thursday, March 12, 2009


Poking around in the dishwater tonight I found out (again) that different fluids do interesting things when mixed together.

I say again because I'm reminded of a wise comment from a good friend of mine a while ago. I'd said something like: I keep learning that... to which he replied: No, you keep finding out...

Mayhaps I'm a bit thick and need a good conk on the head to actually learn something.

Water & oil shot in a glass baking pan lit on either side with 430EXs at 1/64th - 1/125th, f6.3, iso 100 using a 50mm lens with 25mm extension tube.


  1. I see Jupiter's great red spot!

  2. hmmm I would love to have seen the setup shot on this one. Nice experiment!!!!
    do you find getting enough light using yoru tubes is tricky? I think I asked you that last time you posted a tube shot. I might have to use a flash next time I stick on my tubes.