Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Inky Lake

When I'm feeling empty, going to the lake seems to take the edge off. A little.

Tonight under the full moon was one of those nights to experiment. I set the camera on a tripod for a long exposure and let the timer open the shutter. While it was counting down I walked along the beach a bit and fired my flash in hand a couple of times out over the water when I heard the shutter open.

I think that's what is so appealing about the lake - at times it's quiet enough to hear the shutter open and close from down the beach...

Shot at 50mm, f9, 20 seconds, iso 400 - 580EX at full power, two pops.


  1. cool effect!!!! How far were you from the camera? How are was the light flash from the camera?

  2. This is really sweet. Did you do any without the strobe?

  3. I was about 30' to camera right aiming the flash out over the water. The bright spot in the water is the moon.

    I did take other photos. Here's one...