Thursday, March 26, 2009

Real Project

I had a "real" project today, one that had a basic brief to it.

"We need a photo of our store that includes customers & staff interacting and shows our unique decor & branding".

If you happen through Whatcom County, stop into one of the Woods Coffee locations - they really have a good thing going. (And some of the other photos on their site are mine too)

I only had about half an hour to work, and the interior behind the counter was a couple stops darker than the customer side, so I had to get busy with my strobist tools. I won't tell you where the light is, I'm hoping I got away with a photo that doesn't look flashed.

Shot at 32mm, f8, 1/30th, iso 250 - one 430EX in a shoot through umbrella.


  1. Nice work Eric - I love the little girl at the counter. The lighting looks very natural.

  2. nice ligting....but if you are asking, and you gave us a hint. My guess is you have mainlight camera right 45 degrees.
    2nd light is somewhere behind the man (out of camera sight) pointed at the back wall with snoot. I am just wondering how you got the shadow in the corner? maybe 2 speedlights, one pointed at each wall with snoots to gain that shadow? do tell, email if need be.

  3. Only one light was added - single 430EX with an umbrella camera right. It's a reversable umbrella with the bottom half covered and the top half exposed so shooting the light through it doesn't overpower the counter top. I put it there to light the gal on the right and provide some side lighting for the little girl and her dad.