Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life is Good!

It was my turn to pick this weeks theme and I came up with: "Life is Good!"

And, what could be better than ice cream out with your sweetie?

Shot with a 50mm lens at 1/30th, f5.6, iso 200 on a tripod. A single 430EX overhead aimed with a diy grid spot provided the light.


  1. I 1/30 of a sec, and the ambient light in the background, it must have been well lit back there? w/o seeing if in real life, I would have guessed more like 1/15 or even as slow as 1/4?

  2. oh, and very well composed!!!

    what do the other customers do when you start whipping out your gear to set up?
    Was the flash directly overhead just higher then your heads?

  3. Hey Lance,

    It's a pretty bright place actually. Nobody seemed to care what I was up to. I did bring a stand for the flash and a tripod to hold up the camera outside the window. The flash was about 4' over our heads.

  4. Camera outside the window? Did you get a remote or did you use the self-timer?

  5. Remote. I figured out how to use a remote flash trigger