Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Don't See These Anymore

Not many playgrounds around that still have a merry-go-round. I'm guessing a few kids hadn't yet got a good grasp on physics (or the hand rails) and found out the hard way. Next thing you know some over-protective parent (like me) gets involved and the thing is in the dustbin of history.

With no one else at the park today to see me crash, I climbed on for a short dizzy spell to see what I'd been missing. I decided that I'm happier watching it spin as a bystander.

Shot at 17mm, f22, 1/3 sec, iso 100 with a 0.9 (3-stop) ND filter.


  1. Pretty cool - I'm trying to figure out what's making the 4 dark areas, wondering if they're from several horizontal bars being seen at different angles through the partial rotation. Or maybe... Paint? LOL

  2. Nice shot - I really like the movement. Good idea.

  3. I remember these, loved em as a kid. I always wondered whatever happened to them. Nice shot and I hope you had a nice ride.