Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today's assignment is bokeh. When exploring such a thing, large aperture and close focus are your friends.

Since it's still quite wet around here, I'd originally thought raindrops would be a really good subject to play with. However, I do not have a ziplock bag raincoat available to keep the camera dry.

Then it occurred to me that I still have some film cameras kicking around in the closet, one representing each of the brands the original three '365' players shoot* with. Viola! Photo material.

Shot at iso400, 1/30th, f2.8 with a 50mm 1.4 lens. Real organic window light, not the fake stuff with hormones and pesticides and radioactivity.
*Tim actually has a Nikon, and the photo is of a Nikkormat made by Nikon.


  1. Very nice lighting. I like how it fades to almost black in the background. You nailed the assignment with your choice of focus. And I appreciate the links to Wiki for all the big words.

  2. Yes, and you positioned the Pentax in front ;)
    Nice lineup of hardware and all workhorses in their day.

  3. And I love the crop. Was that in Camera crop?

  4. I usually do in-camera as much as possible. I spend my day on a computer, the LAST thing I want to do with my passions is more computing. You won't see a lot of photoshop from me...