Monday, January 12, 2009

Chuff, chuff

I pass this old train on the way to work almost every week. I've wanted to explore it with my camera for a long time, but it's had Christmas lights strung all over it. But on my commute today, I noticed that the lights had been put away.

Even in the cold and rain it was a great relic to explore on my lunch break.
Can you spot the missing piece?

Shot at 1/100, f4, iso 100, cloudy available light.


  1. Is it missing a break pad?
    Did you convert this to B&W? I am a sucker for train shots, especially old ones!!! You hit the lighting spot on!!!

  2. Gorgeous!! Love it! Whooo-Woot! Is it missing a connecting rod?

  3. Flux capacitor...

    Tim spotted what I did, though I'm going to have to look at the other shots I took to see if brake pads are missing too.