Friday, January 23, 2009

In Venus' Thrall

Not the goddess (I have one of those at home), but the planet.

It's amazing how little time you have with celestial bodies when you are trying to line them up in the viewfinder. Wander around thinking about composition, and arrangement of the various elements in the frame and before you know it, a planet can move on you. I swear that bright spot in the sky was 20 degrees higher in the sky when I started this project.

I guess it could be the tears in my eyes. It's cold out. Ok, for some of you 31 Fahrenheit isn't cold. Still, when you grab ahold of an aluminum tripod with bare hands it's a shock.

Shot at 17mm, f11, iso 200 for 15 seconds


  1. excellent framed shot!!!!! Perfect exposure!!!! You have this lighting thing down dude!!!! How far back was the speedlight that we see in the shot? I looks like its 20 feet high!!!!
    How did you light the left side (grass) and I assume you also used a flash on you as well? DO tell

  2. Hmmm, I seem to have fooled you. This is lit by the street lights along the path, I didn't bring any lights of my own. I set the timer on the camera for 10 seconds and just sat very still for the fifteen second exposure.

  3. This is sweet! I love the rich blacks you get with your images. Holy cow and your shivering didn't even show up! Nice work!