Sunday, January 11, 2009


I've been had.

As a kid I remember encountering a cool little plant called a pussy willow. It was a wonderful find, especially for one who always wanted a rabbits foot to pocket, but didn't seem to know the right people to aquire one. Here was a whole shrub full of teeny-tiny rabbits feet! I was in heaven.

For years, my lovely wife has had a vase with a few pussy willow stems sitting on her dresser. I've been very careful not to knock them over, or go near them with the dust rag (how do you dust these little guys anyway?)

What better thing to shoot up close and personal? Get out the tooob and 50mm and see what they look like up close. So I carry them down the stairs vewy carefohewy so as not to do any damage. The lighting setup goes smoothly and I pop a few frames. Upload to the computer and check the focus and detail. Cool, a bit of spider web I didn't even see before shooting and it's in focus!

Wait just a minute - are these things fake?! Sigh, another little bit of reality blown out of the water.
iso 100, f8, 1/200, 50mm 1.4 on 25mm extension tube (genuine Canon, not fake)


  1. E-
    Way to catch the web!!! Are you finding the most shots you take with your extension tubes are dark or hard to focus?
    Maybe its my knockoffs that give me that trouble?

  2. Focusing is a challenge. I bought a used 40D recently and it has live view with a magnifier function that let's you select an area to zoom in on - focusing is MUCH easier with that.

    I've used the toooob without live view and if there's plenty of light the autofocus does a pretty good job, but low light (like this one) is a pain that way. I used flash to light the result as the room light was way too dark.

  3. Oh I like that green background how it goes from dark to light! Nice light on the subject too!