Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Toss Up

So we're trying to decide on what to replace our kitchen counter top with. The choices are a little too broad: material, color, texture. Quartz? Granite? Concrete? How deep is your bank account? Should we go the other way and be willing to replace it in a few years? Can we set hot pots on it? Can we carve the turkey on it without making a mark? Which one resists bacteria and stains?

Yikes!? I just wish it could be distilled down to three: chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. Gimme door #2. We just have too many choices in America.

I better go get a latte and think about it. Yeah, I'll have a tall, no whip, 1/2 decaf, with a couple drops of vanilla flavoring. Not too hot, I want to drink it now...

Shot at 17mm, iso 100, 1/15th, f10. AB800 in softbox overhead, and 430EX set wide bounced off the ceiling.


  1. 1/15th and got the pieces that still? Is this because of the strong lighting? Nicely done!!!

  2. Hah! Yeah, the flash is above 1/1000. I used a slow shutter to pull in some of the ambient, including the overhead lights.

  3. I love the shadows in the cards that appear on the table. This reminds me of a fairy tale, something along the lines of the MAD HATTER.

    Well done James!!! errr Eric ;)

  4. Really cool! Did you shoot many before settling on this one or did it just work out right away?

  5. I shot 70 - the hardest part was tossing the formica samples into the frame. I know now why I don't do sports - my muscle memory sucks.