Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Meal

Not many of us order jello at the drive through, is it even on the menu?

Today my mother had a "procedure" in the hospital. Dad & I sat on pins and needles in the waiting room for 52 days straight. Ok, it was 5 hours, but it felt a little longer.

She came through with flying colors and even had 1/2 the work done than was expected going in - more good news.

When the anesthesia wore off, she was allowed to choose anything she wanted from the menu. Sounded a little too good to be true - until we saw the menu. What a setup. Water, tea & jelly were the only options. Still, when one wakes up in such a place, a bowl of jello is a blessing.

Shot at 85mm, 1/30, f4, iso 400 in real window light.


  1. glad things went well....we need to get your dad and brother Tim together and shoot portraits real soon. You can't go wring with rule of thirds!!!

  2. oh, and have fun as the 2nd tomorrow....much more relaxing in that role!!!