Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Never rains, but it pours

We're in the middle of a good soaking here in the Northwest. The underside of the house is our new swimming area (no diving allowed - there's no deep end) and the stream across the road is overflowing onto the street. Storm drains that normally drink all the water pouring down the gutter from the lawn are now vomiting it up to join the overflow from the creek.

Today's photo is an attempt at capturing a bit of it under the still powered street lamp. You never know when the underground electricity delivery will be shorted out. I'm just sayin.

Shot at iso800, f4, 1/8 sec with a 17-35mm Tamron at the long end.


  1. This has a very eerie feel to it. I think you've enhanced that by going greyscale (is that my years of computing showing? Should I say "black and white"?) Your street looks like a duck pond at the park! I like the high contrast. It looks kinda "film noir".

  2. That is a beautiful image!