Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dearth of Inspiration

Only 357 to go...

Uh, what to make a photo of? I need some ideas. Good thing I'm not a writer, I'd starve. It's still so wet out and I'm a wimp. Besides, what I really want to take pictures of is people, and everyone else in the house has something else to do. So who does that leave? Me, the dog, and the cat. And the cat & dog don't play well together. There's a "Funiest Home Video" in there somewhere waiting to get out.

Get out the books. Flip the pages. Sigh. All the books I have are about people photography. And there're no people around. Except me.

Can I get back to you on this one? I'm going to go make a sandwhich and grumble about how I ever got into the 365 photo thing in the first place. Harumpf.

Shot with a 17-35 Tamron at 17mm, f5.6, 1/50th, iso 400. Oh, and an AB800 in a softbox aspiring to be window light.

//edit ===================

So, today's assignment was "A River Runs Through It", though I didn't yet know that at the time. Ok, ok. It was sort of my idea. I suggested to my 365 buddies that we should do a theme thing now and then. Just tossed the idea out there. Wasn't sure it would connect. It did. Today. They wanted to do it RIGHT NOW. I already took a photo today. Can't do more than one, right? Anyway, I didn't have a vehicle, everyone in the house left me, remember? When one arrived home I commandeered it straight to Whatcom Creek where it empties into the bay.

Here's the result - a river running through it...

17mm on the 17-35 tammy, f4.5 1/25th at iso 400


  1. LOL well I know you're just kidding because you did a great shot. Nice warm lighting, well lit subject (you), books set out just so... I think the AB800 is realizing his aspirations. Good one! (but where's the river running through it?)

  2. Ha! OK, now we're on the same page! Good work! Nice angle btw.

  3. Eric, I agree, nice angle, both shots :)
    nice touch on the softbox...what size do you have again?

  4. Thanks guys. Lance, my Photoflex softbox is 18x20