Saturday, January 17, 2009

The sun came out today. Somebody must have opened their blinds and spotted it. Once they spilled the beans the word spread and the sneakers hit the trails, people formed lines at the coffee stands, and bicycles came out of garages whether the chain needed oil or not.

In short, the crowds hit the trails and parks.

Along much of the trail we walked (with the rest of humanity) the bay was visible . How quiet it was out there and how disconnected from the chaos on shore.

Shot at 85mm, 1/800, f5.6, iso 100. Contrast and light provided by the sun and cloudless sky.


  1. Mmmmm yes, this boat certainly looks serene compared to what we experienced on that trail, Nice!

  2. These are all SO great!
    I have a dandy picture of a pig I could show you : )