Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Caution Workers Ahead

It's high time we invested in our future. Nevermind that local and national infrastructure is crumbling, we need to pour our hopes and dreams into the education of our offspring.

And let them break things while they're at it. With eye protection, of course.

It's bridge building time! Hang as much weight on your construct as you can without destroying it. Put 10kg (22 lbs) on your 30g (~1 oz) and earn an A for the assignment. Hang more than that and you get an A. Uh, yeah. A local student managed to put more than 100 lbs on his before failure. Wow!

The weights await...

Shot at 1/200th, f2.8, iso 100, 85mm lens with an AB800 through a softbox at 1/32 power.


  1. I like the look of calm confident concentration on her face. She's going for that "A" isn't she? Nice light. Nice focus. I like it.

  2. Ah, the ol stress test, it brings my back to my Middle school Tech days.

    I really like the shallow/narrow DOF and AB is camera left?
    1/200 ....how fast can you shoot before you lose the flash? 1/250?

  3. Hey, I see I missed your question. My cameras' max sync is 1/250 - but I've shot fast - experimenting all the way up to 1/500.

    Check out this post: