Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a new Day!

I had a project to shoot this morning. Had to be there before opening, which meant a 5:30 AM arrival time. I'm not often up at that time of day, but whenever it happens I'm almost always rewarded somehow.

I certainly was this morning! Man what a show. Perfect timing too, being inauguration day and all.

Shot at 1/250, f8, iso 200 at 17mm. 580EX in a softbox at full power to light me in the foreground.


  1. E-
    I like this...you have that lighting thing down

  2. Very nice. So I'm guessing you shot this after your obligation right? The sun doesn't rise at 5:30 does it? (it's always already up when I get up, LOL) How far behind you was the softbox?

  3. This shot was at about 8:10 - following my shoot at the coffee spot.

    The softbox was about 6' behind me.