Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's Mountain Time!

January 3

Alyssa took me skiing today! Well, I did the driving (she's 14) but it was her idea. What a beautiful day to be on the mountain. Ok, so the light was flat making it a *really* good idea to keep the knees bent. Still, skiing is just an excuse to be out in the air working up a sweat. We ran more than a few runs and she gave me a hard time for talking to every stranger we shared a lift with.
I'd left the camera in the car, so I had to make my day's photo on the drive down from the hill. We learned that when you leave the ski area right after the lifts stop running you get to join the driving fray. We pulled off part way down to let a few of our fellow adventurers speed by. Coulda used a wider lens.
Note to self: always, always, always take the whole bag of gear with you.


  1. nice shot...what SS did you use on this?

  2. Hey Lance. I'll hafta look at the files again to answer honestly. From memory, I was shooting at f11, iso400, 1sec. I played with a few at 1/2 sec up to 2 seconds.