Monday, January 19, 2009

One of these things...

I have been so taken with how much control there is with a flash. Pour a bucket load of light onto a subject and everything else disappears. So, I had to play with it some more. I set up a table in the middle of the room and covered it with a sheet. I scoured the cupboard for a variety of glassware. The trusty AB800 went up high with a 20 degree grid and off I went.

Shot with 17-35 at 35mm, 1/250, f8, iso 100


  1. Totally cool again! How do you make the background so dark? Is this shot inside? I love it! Did you put up a dark blanket or something?

  2. ...and what's a 20 degree grid?

  3. I flooded the scene with light that didn't spill onto the background. The rest of the room is lit with the corner lamp, but the flash is so bright on the foreground that you don't see the lamplight.

    Here's a link to the grid I used: