Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Flame

//Edit: I realized (DOH!) that I'm probably the only one who knows what this thing is. I wanted to photograph something reflective, mechanical, and had some color to work with. What you see here is the main transmission for a model helicopter I've had on the workbench for a few years now. I've not made much progress on it in a while, maybe this photo will encourage me to get back to work on it.

Ok, not so different from my Old Flame post, I admit. I mean, they both involve operating something remotely. People nearly always walk away from any wreckage that might occur. And they both involve tinkering at home and staring at the sky when outside.

From there they diverge significantly.

The fixed-wing pilot will often wax eloquent about flight. She'll talk about the freedom and joy with utter amazement.

The rotor-wing pilot views the world a little differently. Some say they spend their entire time waiting for something to break, and will always be on the lookout for a nearby landing spot.

For me the airplane is a wonderful relaxation toy. Loop, roll and tumble for as long as you have fuel (and even when you run out as long as you have altitude & airspeed).

The helicopter is a challenge, meant to stimulate the frustration region in the brain. It's a little like riding a unicycle and balancing mom's fine china on the end of a stick at the same time (you're always looking for a soft place to set the china down).

Shot at 85mm, 1/125, f8, iso 100 with AB800 in softbox on camera left, white foamcore reflector camera right and a 430EX with CTO gel turning the background orange.

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  1. I knew what it was all along. :) It makes for a nice abstract even though it's really not all that abstract.