Monday, January 5, 2009

Under the wire?

Not sure if this bodes well, but it was 11:29 pm and I still hadn't had my camera out of the bag today. Whew. Good thing I married a woman who can think quickly (and supports this whole endeavor).

I'd had a really full day of work, doctor visit with one of the girls, gathering with my wedding photo buddies, and movie night with more of my pals. Somewhere in all that you'd think there would be a photo op, right? I carried my camera bag with me, does that count?

OK, so it's 11:31 pm and Jan says: "Take a photo of the digital clock at 11:59 and post that". Not a bad start. I've been wanting to play more with my extension tube and 50mm 1.4 that I'd purchased to shoot wedding rings with (toooobz they're called) - why not try it out on my new watch that I got for Christmas?

Here's the result. Shot at iso 640, 1/20th, f2 36mm tube on 50 1.4


  1. Nice theme for an almost too late shot! How did you get the Sepia look? And look at that narrow DOF! Is that your initial under "Timex" or is that coincidence?

  2. Tim,
    The extension tubes create a very very very narrow DOF, like less than 1/16 inch in some cases depending on the length of the tubes. If you have never used ET before they can be rather tricky, somewhat like the lensbaby or fisheye lens. Lighting is the tough part of using these and some lens work better than others when using the tubes.

    btw I ordered my fisheye and should be here early next week ;)